Appellate Practice
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Appellate Practice

Strong Guidance Throughout The Appellate Process

Post-trial or post-judgment appellate issues present their own unique challenges.  Simply put, at times they feel overwhelming.  Both counsel and their clients involved in the litigation of a hotly contest case can easily become too invested in the defense to objectively evaluate the prospects of a successful post-trial challenge.  Accordingly, it is often advisable to involve independent appellate counsel to review those challenges and provide advice and guidance from a dispassionate and objective point of view.


The attorneys at Gazak Brown, P.S.C., can offer that very perspective!


The nuances of appellate practice quite literally involve the review of all aspects of any given case from pre-trial rulings on seemingly “basic” questions about the discoverability of information, to hotly contested evidentiary rulings in the midst of trial, to the propriety of a jury’s verdict, to basic procedural issues – and much, much more.  It is thus critical for appellate counsel to have a firm command and working knowledge of all phases of litigation and the ability to explain how a particular ruling improperly affected – or, just as importantly, did not affect – the outcome of any given trial or otherwise taint a verdict in favor of the defendant healthcare provider.  Gazak Brown and its attorneys have that experience, command, and knowledge.


We are experienced trial attorneys and have thus successfully handled countless cases throughout the various phases of litigation up to and including the successful defense of a claim before a jury.  We have likewise successfully defended the verdicts in favor of our clients throughout all levels of the appellate process  from the Kentucky Court of Appeals, to the Kentucky Supreme Court, all the way to the federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Equally as important, we have reviewed, advised, and otherwise successfully served as appellate counsel in cases in which we did not initially serve as trial counsel and have thus been trusted to provide the objective review and analysis of the potential success of challenges to any given verdict.


Gazak Brown understands that effective representation of our clients and other healthcare providers runs the entire spectrum of litigation, including the appellate process.  As a result, we remain dedicated and devoted to effective advocacy on behalf of our clients at each of those levels and have experienced, qualified, and capable attorneys to suit whatever your appellate or other post-judgment needs may be.  If we can assist in any way, please feel free to contact us today.