Obstetrics, Maternal Fetal Medicine & Neonatology
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Obstetrics, Maternal Fetal Medicine & Neonatology

Experienced Representation in All Complex Areas of Medicine

At Gazak Brown, P.S.C., we defend health care professionals, medical facilities and their insurers being sued for malpractice.  We pride ourselves in tailoring defenses to match the complexity of the medical facts and to the individual needs of each specialized professional client.  Our lawyers will help you build a strong defense that takes advantage of all of the options that are available in your case.  We are located in Louisville, Kentucky, where we have helped many professional and insurers find solutions to their complex legal needs.

In-Depth Knowledge of Obstetric and Perinatal Medicine Litigation

We thoroughly review all care administered throughout pregnancy, including reproductive/endocrinology, prenatal care, antenatal monitoring, all aspects of labor management, vaginal and operative deliveries, and postnatal care.  We aggressively defend care delivered by obstetricians and Maternal Fetal Medicine physicians, both as obstetrical consultants and as direct high-risk pregnancy care providers.  We have established relationships with experts across the nation in all areas of obstetrical and perinatal medicine, as well as spin-off specialties in specialized areas of medicine involving birth injuries, ranging from brachial plexus palsies to hypoxic or cytokine-induced in utero or perinatal brain injuries. Our obstetrical defenses build upon robust standard of care experts, from solo practitioners to university-based academicians. We take great pride in our obstetrical and neonatal litigation defenses, prioritizing causation defenses in every applicable area of science, including microbiology, acid-base chemistry, pharmacology, and genetics.  We are fluent in the medical bases of these defenses and teach juries in courtrooms across Kentucky.  Matters in which we can assist include:


    • In utero fetal demise
    • Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy
    • Hydrocephalus
    • Neonatal resuscitation
    • Fetal heart monitor interpretation


As experienced litigators, our attorneys have successfully handled many birth injury claims.  Together, we have decades of combined legal experience helping medical professionals and insurance companies defend malpractice allegations.

Take the First Step toward Building Your Defense

To talk to our lawyers about your case, please contact Gazak Brown, P.S.C.  Our team of attorneys will work together with you to prepare a strong case that allows you to protect what is most important to you.