Pharmaceutical Litigation & Mental Health Care
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Pharmaceutical Litigation & Mental Health Care

Pharmaceutical Litigation Defenses

Legal representation tailored to the client’s individual needs is crucial for both the successful defense of an insured professional and the claims and concerns of the professional’s insurer.  Gazak Brown attorneys dedicate themselves to health care professionals who have been accused of malpractice.


Our experienced lawyers defend physicians against professional malpractice claims concerning drug prescriptions such as Zoloft, Vioxx, Celebrex, and Bextra.  We are well-versed and experienced in the defense of federal multi-district or so-called “mass tort” litigation and cases with pharmaceutical companies and other large corporate entities as co-defendants.


Our cases typically involve applying the standard of care to determine whether the prescribing physician was familiar with the possible risks and dangers of each drug such as:


    • Antidepressant links to suicide
    • Risks and side effects of medication
    • Drug interactions and other hazards

Protecting Mental Health Care Professionals

Considering whether a patient was properly diagnosed or treated, whether the dosage was accurate, whether a counselor was available to the patient or whether the practitioner had reasonable assurances against harm in the event of a patient’s suicide, it comes down to whether the services provided fell within the reasonable standard of care regarding mental health.


We are proficient in the state laws and regulations relating to licensure and certification in psychology and psychiatry.  We are skilled in representing mental health care professionals who face allegations of negligence or the following as pertains to mental health care:


    • Over-medication
    • Misdiagnosis
    • Suicide
    • Negligence
    • Patient abuse


Our academic backgrounds and extensive litigation experience allow us to better help clients facing allegations of negligence or misconduct in mental health care.

Take Action to Protect What is Most Important

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence. Contact Gazak Brown, P.S.C. to discuss your concerns related to medical malpractice claims.